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Humanity and Empathy along with knowledge in a calm and nurturing environment

What We Are

Licensed Therapists

All of the therapists are qualified and have good experienced

We Care

Our collection of quotes honors children, their spirit, parents, therapists & the "Never Give Up" spirit that lives inside each & everyone of us.

Quality Guaranteed

We are passionate and compassionate professionals, driven by the mission of helping.

Selection Process

We are growing fast and always looking for new talent. If you love people – come and join us!


Our Core Values


We use play to impart skills and knowledge so it doesn’t feel like therapy or treatment.


An infectious enthusiasm for children and their innate potential inspires.


We work collaboratively with a diversity of children, their families, schools


Unlocking every child’s one potential with good and therapeutic practice.


Our Team of experts assess and treat a wide range of concerns, including anxiety, ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, fine and gross motor skills, language difficulties, learning disabilities, sensory processing and more.

Best facilities and equipments

Family support


Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team works with patients and their families to maximise every child’s potential and ensure the family has the relevant understanding and resources towards the enrichment of learning in their kids. 

Key to the model, is the personalised approach. No two children are the same and their therapy programs are customised accordingly with functional, faanymily-centred goals developed.


I am a Holistic speech language pathologist having roots of psychology, traditional siddha medicine and founder of LET’S HABILITATE based in Hyderabad- India.

I believe that the mind and body are connected and see challenges from a whole person perspective. I combine complementary therapies and integral health techniques in my practice of therapy to help my clients at a deeper level.

I believe balance and equilibrium is an integral part of wellness and that alignment of body, mind and spirit is the key to helping ourselves and our kids.

I work with neurodiverse kids and adults their families since the last 13 years.

My Competency lies in blending my role as a therapist and a mentor to offer the best practical strategies to support families who come to me.

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