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Educational service

Let's Learn (Pre - ready program for schools)

Let’s Habilitate offers a unique orientation program we call “Let’s Learn (Pre-ready program for schools) .”We create a safe environment for the children who have made progress with their individual disorders in therapy and bring them to the sandbox-like social setting where they are introduced to being in a group. This is to holistically let them adapt to a school-like environment, so they experience no roadblocks in their education.

What our orientation focuses on

Special Education

We have to realise that a vital element in the foundation of a successful school system is a network of knowledgeable parents who work collaboratively with staff members to ensure successful outcomes for their children. 

We at Let’s Habilitate, assist in providing the care and becoming an active partner in this process.We focus specifically on the individual needs and pride ourselves in how we customise therapy basis the child’s needs.

Individualised Education Program(IEP)

The IEP is intended to address each child’s specific academic problems and educational goals. As it is a legally enforceable

Areas of eligibility for Special Education