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Free service

Free Services

We believe in giving back to society and thus conduct free screenings to extend help beyond our patients’ availment of our services


School Screenings

We indulge in school screenings to create awareness among the school body and also students of developmental delays and learning styles. We extend our  knowledge because we believe that the sense of these concepts are invaluable.

Old Age Home Screenings

Our empathy stands with our passion when it comes to our free screenings at Old Age Homes. We seek to give better understanding and knowledge to the caregivers and explain to them on ways to help these elderly cope with any ailments of mental illness.

Orphanage Screenings

We believe that wellbeing efforts are to be made for everyone. Let’s Habilitate undertakes orphanage screenings where we do through assessments to identify any sort of delays or impairments in the growth and developmental cycle. We screen them for a list of conditions like hearing impairment, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities and more and facilitate redressal efforts.