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The word Disability is that, it immediately suggests an inability to see or hear or walk or do certain things that many of us take for granted.

What about people who can’t find fulfilment in their lives or those who live in disappointment and bitterness and find life is empty without joy and happiness. These seems to be even more miserable.

But here, we always believe that, “It’s not matter of what you got/ what you have; It is what you use to make difference and betterment in your life”.

with this ideology Our Let’s habilitate




We, the let’s habilitate team ensure transparency with regard to sessions, knowledge transfer, child cantered approach and expertise. We build tenacious trust in the children and adults and work from a humanistic approach.


We build our Trust in children as well as parents with our humanity and empathy.

To deliver the maximum services in effective manner.


We as a team coordinate in order to inculcate better progress of the child, intra – inter departments which involves briefing of the case, goals, focus, orientation and association to enhance efficiency in all aspects of it. And we work together with parents as well by modifying home environment etc.


We are passionate and compassionate professionals driven by the mission of serving people.

We always upgrade ourself in the form current knowledge in field to give the best quality to our clients.


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What We Are

Licensed Therapists

All of the therapists are qualified and have good experienced

We Care

Our collection of quotes honors children, their spirit, parents, therapists & the "Never Give Up" spirit that lives inside each & everyone of us.

Quality Guaranteed

We are passionate and compassionate professionals, driven by the mission of helping.

Selection Process

We are growing fast and always looking for new talent. If you love people – come and join us!

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Unique patients

Over 100 unique patients helped each month. In order to improve mental health and overall well-being with our expert therapists

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Professional caregivers

15 professional caregivers, devoted to your child. Each therapist was chosen for work based on their personal and professional accolades

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Years of experience

Over 5 years of experience in working with children. If your teen is struggling in school, at home, or just needs a professional opinion.

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Healing hands

We believe in offering top-notch clinical care at reasonable prices and offer Low Prices than any other Clinic in Hyderabad.

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Let's Habilitate
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Navya ReddyNavya Reddy
10:26 12 Sep 22
Let's Habitate is one of the best speech centres with qualified and caring trainers in speech, OT, BT and SpecialEducation. The centre director (Tejaswini mam)conducts weekly review sessions with parents for providing valuable tips and information regarding kids.The centre puts it's best efforts to infuse confidence in kids and provides a ray of hope in parents.
Rashmi NallaRashmi Nalla
10:35 09 Sep 22
This is one of the best therapy center's. I am satisfied with the therapists of all departments. I have seen alot of improvement in my kids speech, communication, reduction in hyperactiveness. I was able express all concerns and get relative support from them.
Komal KaddyKomal Kaddy
06:55 07 Sep 22
It’s one of the good therapy centre in hyd for children with asd. previously my kid was having sensory issues,hyperactive,no name response,no command following,luckily after coming to this centre and taking therapy she is getting better than before.
Naga RamadeviNaga Ramadevi
17:16 06 Sep 22
I can say, that it's best therapy center for autistic kids in LB Nagar area. The director of the Center (Tejaswi Mam) and the therapists genuinely work towards the progress of the children.
Rajini ReddyRajini Reddy
10:03 06 Sep 22
I can say, that it's best therapy center for autistic kids in LB Nagar area. The director of the Center (Tejaswi Mam) and the therapists genuinely work towards the progress of the children. They also conduct seminars on every Saturday to educate Parents and caregivers on various topics related to Autism, so that Parents can be better equipped with the knowledge to address their kids concerns. It's been 3 months my son has been taking BT, OT and ST therapy here. There has been considerable improvement in my kid. I wish I had brought my son here way before.


I am a Holistic speech language pathologist having roots of psychology, traditional siddha medicine and founder of LET’S HABILITATE based in Hyderabad- India.

I believe that the mind and body are connected and see challenges from a whole person perspective. I combine complementary therapies and integral health techniques in my practice of therapy to help my clients at a deeper level.

I believe balance and equilibrium is an integral part of wellness and that alignment of body, mind and spirit is the key to helping ourselves and our kids.

I work with neurodiverse kids and adults their families since the last 13 years.

My Competency lies in blending my role as a therapist and a mentor to offer the best practical strategies to support families who come to me.

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