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Adult Services

Speech & Language Therapy

We believe that verbal communication is crucial in a child’s development. Let’s habilitate is dedicated to providing personalized therapy to children of all ages and young adults, working to prevent, assess, and treat children with difficulty in speech and communication. Speech Therapy at Let’s Habilitate is provided by professional speech therapists who treat some of the most common speech impairments.

Children with


Audiological Services


Pure tone audiometry is the primary hearing test for determining a person's hearing threshold levels. It allows for the determination of the degree, type, and configuration of a hearing loss and serves as a foundation for diagnosis and management.

Impedance Audiometry

The movement of your eardrum in response to air pressure is measured by this test. Our professionals administer this test to detect fluid buildup, wax buildup, eardrum perforations, and tumours.


At Let’s Habilitate, we use this test to determine whether there is an ear canal blockage, excess fluid in the middle ear, or damage to the cochlea's hair cells. We generally incorporate newborn hearing screening programmes. OAEs are sounds produced by the vibrations of hair cells in your inner ear's cochlea. This type of testing employs a tiny probe equipped with a microphone and speaker to stimulate and measure the cochlea's response.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a client-centred health profession concerned with promoting health and well being through therapy. The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life. Our therapists have a holistic approach to therapy, in which we focus on adapting the environment or the activities to fit the person and their individual goals.

Areas of Expertise

Occupational therapy plays an important role in pediatric cases by making the child understand and independent in his/her daily life. With age, our routines, hebits and responsibilities undergo constant changing. During childhood, these skills are developed rather quickly than any other stage of life. At Let’s Habilitate, therapy focuses on the child, the activity at hand, and the activity around them. By considering all these factors, OTs work to determine the correct modifications, adaptations, and methods that encourage growth.

Behaviour Therapy

We provide evidence-based structural therapy by certified psychologists using assessments approved by RCI. Our approach explores the learning process, behaviour theory, and the effects surrounding environments have on a child’s behaviour. Our aim is to improve the child’s education, socialisation, and comprehension through positive reinforcement as a result of our theory.

Assessments we conduct

Psychological Counselling

Creating a safe space for you

Let’s Habilitate offers a range of services like Relationship Counselling, Family Counselling, Teen Counselling, and Psychotherapy. We facilitate an environment where you can express yourself freely in a confidential setting with an experienced psychologist. This would allow you to understand your thoughts and feelings and how they affect your behaviour, allowing you to learn productive ways to deal with them in a safe place

We conduct assessments to nail down serious conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, and more. Our therapists also touch on the concept of attachment styles and deal with issues regarding the same