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Traning service

Parent Training

Making parenting easy for your toddlers

We understand how finding answers to your child’s frazzled behaviour leaves you in questions. We stand to help you with that. 

Let’s Habilitate has expert psychologists who help you understand your kid better and make parenting easier for you. They divulge in detail over crucial topics such as your child’s attachment style, learning style, bonding  and other attributes which prepares you for taking that all too important role in your child’s growth.

School Training

Apprising schools to teach with inclusivity

Most students fall across the spectrum of learning styles, but facilitating lessons that are engaging on all levels is a challenge.

Let’s habilitate will ensure that your school provides your students the best chance of success through our coveted School Training Program, where we help you create an environment that caters to a wide range of learners with key takeaways like classroom management and identifying learning styles.

Teacher Training

Counselling teachers to embrace different kinds of learners

Students with learning disabilities often face misplaced indignation and umbrage for bearing no fault of their own. Hence, being able to identify their issues at an early stage goes a long way in their help, especially in school levels

Our psychologists conduct workshops for the teaching body where we equip the teachers with the essential knowledge to identify early development delays in their pupils. Our training facilitates the teachers in better handling of primary and preprimary children.

Gediatric Training

Enabling better care for the Elderly

Let’s Habilitate provides specialist care for elderly aged people over 65 in assisting their improvement with ADL. We also have our qualified psychologists who have experience in conducting therapy for serious ailments like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Our Gediatric Training places immense focus on Caregiver Training and Counselling. We impart requisite awareness that enables them to provide care equipped with techniques like relaxation.